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Joplin Tornado Relief 2
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Joplin Tornado Relief Updates


For veterinarians and veterinary technicians who wish to volunteer for the Joplin response in June, fill out this APPLICATION & attach it to an email to . Also review this ASPCA Joplin volunteer responder guide.


MOVVC - Please see deployment updates below

Make a donation to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) Joplin Relief Effort

As we all know, Joplin, Mo. was recently devastated by an EF-5 tornado which destroyed over 2,000 homes and leveled 25% of the city. With such destruction comes loss of life and serious injuries, not only to humans but their family pets.

The MVMA has created this web page to help update our members and the public as to what they can do to help ease the suffering of such a major disaster. Below is a list of news updates, donation venues and possible emergency call-ups for veterinarians. Please check back often for the latest on this emergency situation.

Photo: Mark Schiefelbein / AP


Finally, a good story from Joplin…


The Unsinkable Molly Brown


Out of the tragedy of the recent Joplin tornado comes a good story about a dog. Her name is Molly Brown and she truly is “Unsinkable”.

Molly and her owners/trainers, Allen and Alicia Brown, are members of the 4-State Search and Rescue Team and they live just a few miles from the path of destruction left by the tornado.

In 2008 and after years of being part of some of the highest profile search and rescue operations in the area, Molly had a heart attack. The usual energetic Molly became lethargic and out of breath. Veterinarians at the Missouri University College of Veterinary Medicine decided she needed a pacemaker, but the price tag was $2,500 for the surgery. This is when the community of Joplin, Mo. stepped to the plate.

When the Joplin Globes’ article on Molly’s plight hit the newsstands, the community’s response was overwhelming. A medical technology company, Medtronic, donated the pacemaker while cash donations to help with surgery, transportation and after care poured into the fund set up for Molly. It truly surprised Allen and Alicia.

After a post-surgery setback and a few weeks of recovery, Molly returned to ‘full active status’ with the 4-State team. She’s been doing her job ever since.

On Sunday, May 22, Molly had a chance to pay back her community for the compassion they showed three years earlier. An EF-5 tornado laid a path of destruction 6 miles long and ¾ miles wide through the town of 50,000.

Molly and her handler, Alicia, have been on the ground working non-stop since the tragedy. “I had to leave her home for a while this morning because she needed a good break, said Alicia.” “When she saw me leave with my rescue gear on, she put up a big fuss and then started to mope”. It was as if she was telling me she owed the people of Joplin, and was ready to work.”

In the past few days, Alicia and Molly have recovered twelve bodies working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Families and friends will now have closure for their previously lost loved ones. And Molly has her chance to help Joplin.

In honor of Molly and her fellow search and rescue dogs, the Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation (MVMF) has set up a fund to help with veterinary medical care of these heroic, life-saving animals. This is in keeping with the Foundation’s mission of “People Helping Animals, Animals Helping People”.

Alicia Brown believes that the program is the least we can do for the dedication shown by the group of “Super Dogs”. “I encourage individuals and organization to help with the MVMF Search and Rescue Care program and brighten the medical future of these hard-working rescuers”.

Tax-deductible donations to the MVMF Search and Rescue Care Program can be made online or by sending to MVMF, PO Box 6935, Jefferson City, MO 65109. Please put in Search and Rescue in the memo line.


Monday, June 20, 2011

For veterinarians and veterinary technicians who wish to volunteer for the Joplin response in June, fill out this APPLICATION & attach it to an email to . Also review this ASPCA Joplin volunteer responder guide.


9:45 a.m., Friday, June 3, 2011
There are still request for veterinarians, technicians and assistants from the MOVVC for the 2 day stint through the month of June. 
Here is a story from one of our MVMA & MOVMA members in Joplin.
Please note that donations can be made through the MVMA has partnered with the AVMF that will be directed to the veterinarians to help treat the animal victims of the Joplin tornado. Donate online or call the MVMA for more information. 573-636-8612

7:30 a.m., Tuesday, May 31, 2011


As of Thursday, May 26 we had deployed 3 MOVVC veterinarians for the weekend at the co-location shelter to make rounds for 15 animals needing care and treatment. 

On Saturday, May 28 we had a request from SEMA  for veterinarians, technicians and assistants from our Volunteer Veterinary Corps to be available for a minimum of 2 days for a 30 day period to work in the ASPCA emergency animal hospital and shelter.  At the time the shelter had 470 animals and the associated hospital had 100.  Within 1 hour of the request we had 18 volunteers scheduled with 14 awaiting assingment.


11:23 a.m., Friday, May 27, 2011


Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) releases Emergency Waiver of Controlled Substance Requirements issued May 25, 2011 for BNDD registrants--including veterinarians--in Joplin.
The Missouri Board of Pharmacy releases provisions for Missouri License and Prescription Dispensing.

Follow the links above for specific details.


8:00 a.m., Friday, May 27, 2011

Yesterday's request for MOVVC veterinarins has been filled. We are still on standby for further deployment.


3:20 p.m., Thursday, May 26, 2011

There has been a request for an MOVVC veterinarian to come in for a couple hours per day Friday thru Sunday, May 27-29 to make rounds and provide care for 15 pet. We are working on fullfilling that request now.

Julie Vaughn,
MOVVC Administrator

11:00 p.m., Thursday, May 26, 2011

AVMF Disaster Relief Grant for veterinarians

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has assistance in times of disaster for restoration of veterinary infrastucture and for reimbursement of veterinary care provided to animal victims.
Follow the link below for details.

Disaster Veterinary Practice Relief
For the restoration of veterinary infrastructure affected by disaster. Up to $2,000 per request is currently available for qualified applicants.
Disaster Veterinary Animal Care Reimbursement
For the reimbursement of veterinary care provided for the medical care of animal victims of a disaster.  Up to $5,000 per request is currently available for qualified applicants.

2:52 p.m., Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Humane Society in conjunction with Code 3 has 4 teams on the ground for animal rescue and the ASPCA in conjunction with Joplin Humane Society is handling pet sheltering.  They are receiving reports of animals at large, NONE of the ground teams are seeing this.  The teams are in the areas where this is being reported and are still making sweeps. It is possible that many animals have already been picked up as there are close to 300 animals in sheltered housing right now. 

Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 12:40 PM
Subject: MVMA Supply Drop-off Location Request

Subject: in need of drop off points for Joplin-bound supplies
MVMA Members,

The MVMA is interfaced with the SEMA response to the Joplin disaster. Our Volunteer Veterinary Corps is on standby, awaiting deployment instructions.

At this time we are asking for MVMA members to help us identify potential drop off points around the state for supplies that can be transported to the pet shelters established in the disaster zone. The SEMA plan calls for HSMo to set up the first response shelters, then assess the needs for volunteers and supplies so that the area is not inundated with good hearted volunteers creating more of a problem than a solution.  A list of needed supplies will be issued when available. Please do NOT transport supplies to Joplin until a location has been determined. We will notify you with specific details.

What you can do:

  • Identify your clinic to be a drop off site for supplies in your area.
  • Identify resources to move supplies from drop off sites to the appropriate sites in the Joplin area.
  • For either of these actions, please email attached form to Julie in our office at
  • Donate to the Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation’s relief effort. Monetary donations will be exclusively used for disaster related animal care in the Joplin area. Donate online.
  • Watch the MVMA’s website for new information on the relief effort.
  • If you are a Missouri Volunteer Veterinary Corps member and have not signed up for the Show-Me Response call up system, please do so now at


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