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Proposed Bylaw changes

Thursday, August 30, 2018   (0 Comments)
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Consistent References to Policy Manual
Change various references throughout to the “MVMA Policy Manual” for consistency
(These changes are reflected on pages 6, 7, 19 and 21 of the Bylaws)


Expand Input on the Slate of Candidates
Add to the process of recruiting a slate of candidates, that the slate should be approved by the Board of Governors. This was a consensus of the Executive Board in discussions last year.
(This change is reflected on page 14 of the Bylaws)


Reflect Re-structure of Membership Committee
Makes Vice President Co-chair instead of chair of Membership Committee and removes Alternate Delegates as automatic members of the Membership Committee. It adds the Membership Committee to the list of standing committees thereby making it subject to the President’s appointing the other co-chair each year, as well as the members of the committee. The current bylaws already exempt the Membership Committee from the normal term limits of members of a standing committee. The current bylaws suggest district representation should be considered as much as possible, but it is the intent of this proposal that other factors such as member type, practice type, and age may be just as important.
(These changes are reflected on pages 10 and 16)


Clarify Use of Discounts and Incentives
Clarify that the Executive Board has flexibility in discounts and incentives for existing membership types in order to pilot and explore various membership services 

and programs without a cumbersome and time-consuming process of bylaw changes each step of the way.  


Add “Dues discounts and incentives will be governed by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board and reflected in the MVMA Policy Manual”.
(This change is reflected on page 7 of the Bylaws)


At Large Delegates
The proposed At Large and Alternate Delegate changes have the following goals: 
Increase MVMA leadership exposure to a wider and perhaps younger group of interested members. 
Avoid a leadership position that rarely requires involvement, and when it does, may not be possible anyway due to short notice and conflicts.  


Add up to three at large delegates who would serve a one year term and cannot serve more than two consecutive one year terms.


They would run on ballot with officer elections.  As many can run as want to.  Top three vote getters are elected.  If fewer than three candidates (including zero candidates) run, then unfilled at large seats will simply be vacant for a year.  

(These changes are reflected on page 8 and 11 of the Bylaws)


Alternate Delegates
Remove alternate delegate as an official position.  Instead ask the delegate to appoint a voting temporary alternate delegate in their place.
(These changes are reflected on page 11, 12, and 15 of the Bylaws)


Student Board Member
The Student Board Member addition brings the Bylaws into compliance with the current practice of student representatives on the Executive Board.  

Add student and alternate student board member positions to the Executive Board.  
Establish student board member selection process is governed by the Policy Manual.  
(These changes are reflected on page 11 and 16 of the Bylaws)


Transition from MAVP to MVMA Academy
The changes related to the Academy have the following goals: 
To reflect the changes voted by the MVMA Board and the Academy Board to bring the MAVP under the MVMA governing structure.  The changes agreed to are there will be no extra dues for those qualifying for the Academy standard of 30 or 40 hours of CE, thus adding this as a standard MVMA member benefit. 
The leadership of the Academy is converted from an election by members, to an appointment of the MVMA leadership.  Specifically, incoming President-Elect will recruit an Academy Vice President, who will ascend to Academy President during the same MVMA presidential term as the officer who recruited them.  The Academy officers will continue to approve CE for district meetings, run the Mini-Topics program and the CE recognition program of the Academy. 
A further purpose is to forge a CE development team for the convention program. 
(These changes are reflected on pages 10 and 19 of the Bylaws)


Reserve Fund
The changes related to the Reserve have the following goals: 
To establish a more attainable and practical level of financial reserves that more appropriately reflect the needs of the association. 
To divert ongoing funds from building excess resources to instead use those funds to increase member services and create more value for dues paid.
To make the process for use of reserve funds consistent with current practices outlined in the MVMA Policy Manual. 


Click HERE to view the full version of the Constitution and Bylaws.


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