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Certified Veterinary Assistant Program
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Introducing the CVA Online Program

The Missouri Veterinary Medical Association’s Certified Veterinary Assistant online program meets your important staff training needs. It delivers high quality training on a flexible schedule, special discount pricing, and credible certification that saves your clinic time and money.




To be certified under the MVMA program, the applicant must be 16 years of age or older and must successfully demonstrate 100 percent of the required skills and competencies. Some of the required skills may not be regularly practiced in the clinic where the applicant has gained experience. However, it is the applicant’s responsibility to develop all skills listed. Once the supervisor is satisfied that the applicant understands how to perform the skill correctly, they may check the skill off the checklist.


RVTs and CVAs

The Missouri Practice Act clearly outlines the supervision requirements for Registered Veterinary Technicians. The Practice Act does not recognize a Certified Veterinary Assistant. Registered Veterinary Technicians in the clinic can play an important role in overseeing the education and skill validation of the assistants as they take the CVA training. Once the CVA is certified, the RVT serves as a role model and benefits from a more informed and skilled team member. The training process helps the CVA better appreciate the advanced knowledge and skill of the RVT.



Online Partner

Animal Care Technologies (ACT), partnering with the MVMA, has developed this dynamic training program to make training your staff both effective and easy. ACT utilizes its vast video training library to bring the CVA course to life. Online training has distinct advantages over conventional training. It can occur at any time of the day or night and can occur anywhere a high-speed Internet connection is available. Today’s employee comes into the hospital extremely adept at technology and the use of the Internet. They are more motivated to learn via the Internet rather than plowing through technical manuals. This interactive format also allows the owner or manager to track progress of the student.

Every video watched or document downloaded is tracked and the results are viewable by management, making it easy to document that training has taken place. The CVA program has weekly quizzes to ensure the student is learning the material. There are no manuals to read, as they have been replaced with multimedia presentations that the student downloads.


Great Training Value

Training your staff has never been easier or more affordable. When starting the CVA online program, the clinic will 
pay the initial fee of $250 (includes two free exams/certifications) plus a discounted $54 clinic fee each month the program is needed. Subsequent individuals are certified at $125 each. Annual certification renewal is a flat $35 fee. Another great advantage to this innovative program is that up to 20 of your hospital personnel will have access to over 400 training videos, including Kennel Assistant., Receptionist Training, and Management Training among others. Not only is the non-licensed staff receiving professional training, but the RVTs and DVMs will be able to receive 25-30 hours of R.A.C.E.-approved continuing education with this same program. All of this is included in the $54 monthly clinic fee which you can start or stop at any time. The general belief in management is that it costs 1.5 times the annual salary of a person to replace and train someone. Therefore, it would cost $45,000 to hire and train a hospital employee that makes $30,000 per year.

MVMA CVA Program Cost Breakdown

Number of months

taken to complete


Initial two individuals ($250)

taking/completing course during

the same months

Subsequent one individual ($125)

taking/completing course

3 months @ $54 ea.

4 months @ $54 ea.

5 months @ $54 ea.

$412 ($206/CVA)*

$466 ($233/CVA)

$520 ($260/CVA)

$287 ($287/CVA)

$341 ($341/CVA)

$395 ($395/CVA)

*Adding additional CVAs during this initial period would lower the per CVA cost even more



The MVMA Certified Veterinary Assistant Program is standardized and documents the basic skills and competencies required for animal care and assistance. The program will educate veterinarian assistants in the essential skills and knowledge needed to become effective contributors to the veterinary medical team. In order to receive certification, certain standard requirements must be met. These include:

90 days of work experience under the supervision of a DVM or RVT;

mastering all required Level 1 material;

gaining and demonstrating the hands-on skills;

Skills Validation Checklist completed and approved by the DVM or RVT; and

Successful completion of the certification exam.


CVA Handbook
CVA Experience Verification Form
CE Opportunities
Missouri Schools

Contact Us Today!

For program information & sign-up (mention you are an MVMA member), call (800) 357-3182, or go to Or for general information, call the MVMA at (573) 636-8612, email:, or go to & click on “Practice Staff”.



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